Iqra University’s Fifth Short Film Festival 2018! Pakistani Youth Rocked Again!

The Fifth Short Film Festival 2018 by Iqra University was held in Karachi on Thursday, December 4th, where eight short films were screened.

The festival was attended by professionals affiliated with the Pakistani film industry, who praised the efforts of the students.

The event takes place every year, where hundreds of students join hands to make ambitious short films filling in ranks as writers, directors, producers, designers, art directors, editors, sound designers and graphic artists. This year the event PR managed by Hamza Sheikh. who works as a PR Manager for University and other sort of events and activities.

Short films selected:

  1. Kashmir
  2. Nano aur Main
  3. Chaarpai
  4. Jassi Pappi da Akhrot.
  5. Lambi Raat

This year few best short films selected among many other entries. Here is few glimpses of short films.

For Best Vfx, edit, direction, screenplay, cinematography, production design goes to Jassi Pappi da Akhrot.

For Best film, sound, acting goes to lambi Raat.

It was such a wonderful opportunity for students to participate and learn through practical approach. The annual Film Festival 2018 presented by Iqra University students in Karachi.

Pictures of winners with the guests.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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