Water is the soul of the Earth!#Vanadium

“Water is the soul of the Earth”. W. H. Auden

Yes , that’s absolutely true! well.

Water is blessing of Almighty Allah for all creatures on earth. About 60% of the
human body consists of water. Ladies and Gentlemen today’s media launching will
educate the audience about yet another Miracle of Allah in the form of Vanadium.
Vanadium is trace metal similar to Calcium and Magnesium.

Human body normally contains 20-25 mg of Vanadium. Vanadium deficiency results into innumerable diseases which include diabetes, high cholesterol, arterial sclerosis, infertility, obesity, pancreatic dysfunction, osteoporosis, skin diseases and cancer. Vanadium is found in Dill seeds, black pepper, seafood and others.
Mr. Kitta, President of Vital Micro Amount Mineral Laboratory Japan conducted
astonishing study on extraordinary healthy long life of residents of Honshou Island
near Mt. Fuji Japan.

Research concluded that Vanadium found in natural mineral water of Honshou Island is the basic reason of their healthy long life.

Vanadium Mineral Water is extracted at the foot of Mt Fuji Japan from a depth of 120-150
meters from ground level. Vanadium Mineral Water is recommended and certified
by Japan Preventive Medicine Administration Council and now being exported
around the globe from Japan.

Furthermore, Vanadium Water Company Pakistan has taken initiative and marking sincere efforts to reach out to the masses with a noble cause to serve humanity especially those suffering from diabetes by introducing Japanese packed Mt. Fuji Vanadium Mineral Water.

Which is certified natural mineral water by Pakistan Standards. We assure you
about authenticity of the product and would encourage your feedback. Your sincere
support is requested for creating awareness in the masses about the benefits of
Vanadium Mineral Water.

In a recent Research conducted in Japan, USA and Canada confirms that Vanadium is changed to Vanadyl Sulphate by stomach acid. Vanadium is used as natural remedy for
treating diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arterial sclerosis,
tuberculosis, infertility, syphilis, anemia, obesity, cancer and detoxification of body.
Vanadium is “Insulin-similar substance or Natural substitute for Insulin”.

Blog source: Press Release MEDIA LAUNCHING


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