Are you the luckiest customer of Careem Pakistan?

Careem is again coming up with another surprise but this time, the surprise was quite appealing and yummy, yes this time Careem is sending a chocolate goodie basket to its lucky customers.

Yes that’s true!

Well people started sharing it on social Media and posted goodie basket pictures with different captions

Here are few:

Booked a Careem under ‘gift’ type and got this lol! Thanks @CareemPAK for the gesture i got snacks for my class already!

Look what came in the ‘Gift’ car! Thanks, Careem bae

You know what’s brand identity? It’s the customer experience that counts. So, Careem selected me as loyal customer & asked me to book GIFT car type. I booked the ride to find this 🎁Careem never stops surprising me 💚 Do you want to know what’s inside?

This is what happens when you book careem Gift. I received email from Careem about this new car type called ‘Gift’. I booked it out of curiosity and a Captain came to my location and gave me a basket filled with chocolates from Careem!  #careempak #Careem @CareemPAK

Got a text from Careem saying they wanted to surprise me for being a loyal customer. I booked the ‘Gift’ type car out of sheer curiosity and got a basket full of goodies!!


Way to make me feel speshul ❤️👅

What a lovely surprise! When I opened the Careem app it gave me a ‘gift’ option and as per the email’s instructions when I booked a car via that option I got this box of chocolates delivered to my location by a Careem captain! Thank you @Careempak for this lovely gesture.


To my surprise I recieved a package that I thought was of my birthday but IT WAS CAREEM! LIKE IT WAS THAT ‘GIFT’!


I tried to book a @CareemPAK on my way to daftar and spotted a new type of car named “GIFT” in the app. I booked it just out of curiosity and this box of chocolates was delivered to my doorstep. Thanks Careem. Majid loves you too

Well at the end Careem said:

The secret is out and our Gift Cars are out of stock! Stay tuned for more surprises 😀

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