Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma Married Today!

Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli and Famous Bollywood Actress Anushka Sharma finally got married today i.e, 11th Dec’17. Indian Media

A tweet posted on Anushka’s official account read: “Today we have promised each other to be bound in love forever. We are truly blessed to share the news with you. This beautiful day will be made more special with the love and support of our family of fans & well wishers. Thank you for being such an important part of our journey.”

Virat also posted on his Official Twitter account and said: "Today we have promised each other to be bound in love for ever. We are truly blessed to share the news with you.This beautiful day will be made more special with the love and support of our family of fans & well wishers. Thank you for being such an important part of our journey."

One Year to PK-661 Plane Crash

Exactly one year back, PK-661 took off from the Chitral airport for its final destination at Islamabad. Renowned personality Junaid Jamshed with his wife were on-board to the same flight along with 45 other passengers. Plane crashed near Abbottabad on Havelian hills.

As the news hit the news channels and till it wasn’t confirmed that everyone lost their precious lives in the plane crash, it was witnessed that everyone was praying for them. The whole world was praying for them.


But unfortunately, none of them survived and what we had left was fire and ash behind. The whole world mourned to their death. Everyone was crying for Junaid Jamshed. Because he was a very kind hearted person. Either they know him personally or not, but there was a strong bond between him and people.

Junaid Jamshed was a song-writer, television personality, recording artist, occasional actor, fashion designer and a preacher. He was an important part of vital signs which gave us some amazing hits back in 90’s. Every of his song was heart touching but iconic Dil Dil Pakistan became his identity.

Later on, Junaid Jamshed left his music career and get himself involved fully in religious activities. According to him, Religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel helped him a lot in his change. He also hosted a Ramzan transmission with Waseem Badami and people loved him so much in that.

It’s been one year to his death and people are still remembering him for his good work and his behavior which was so appealing. People from every walk of life remembered him on his death anniversary.

3 days before his death, Junaid Jamshed tweeted from his account saying

Heaven on Earth Chitral.

With my friends in the Path of Allah . Snowpacked Tirchmir right behind us


Today 7th December, marks his first death anniversary and its also a trending topic for today.

Waseem Badami is remembering his partner on this vary day;


Program host Iqrar ul Hassan also remembering him;


Former cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq also remembering Junaid Jamshed;


People on social media are also using #JunaidJamshed on his death anniversary.



Junaid Jamshed will be remembered and alive in our hearts forever. May souls of all those who lost their lives RIP.



Ability Sports Festival held in Hayatabad Sports Complex Peshawar

The smallest of the steps can lead to the greatest of achievements at times. This is what happened in Peshawar yesterday. We all know that Peshawar Zalmi Foundation is trying hard to bring smiles on people’s faces and making huge sports opportunities for the people of Pakistan.


Peshawar Zalmi foundation in collaboration with ICRC and friends of paraplegics held a sports festival in the city of flowers yesterday. This sports festival was in appropriateness with the world’s disability day. People who are on wheelchairs were also there to attend this mega event in Peshawar.


For the first time, wheelchair tennis match was played and audience encouraged them very well. There was a cricket match played too between FATA Zalmi and KP Zalmi. People enjoyed this sports festival with full enthusiasm.


Chairman Peshawar Zalmi and Peshawar Zalmi Foundation, Mr. Javed Afridi said Disable people are blessed with lot of abilities, need to provide them more opportunities to grow in life. Peshawar Zalmi Foundation will hold such events in future too.

In the cricket match, KP Zalmi won the the match by 12 runs from FATA Zalmi.

Other matches such as badminton, long tennis and table tennis were also played in which disable players participated. At the end of the sports event, prizes were distributed among the players. Peshawar Zalmi’s Director Cricket Operations Muhammad Akram, ICRC’s Patrick Somxysana, Mr Ahmad Abdul Qadir, P&O’s delegate Mr. Denver Graham and Yasin Kamran had the honor of distributing the prizes among the players.


People supported this sports event on social media as well under the hashtag of #AbilityWithDisability and appreciated Peshawar Zalmi Foundation and Javed Afridi for all his efforts toward these initiatives.

Muniba Mazari is Sued by her Ex-Husband and that’s How People Reacted

Muniba Mazari, the name of motivation and inspiration. She has been inspiring people around the globe with her real life story. She is a renowned personality. she is the one who followed her passion even being on the wheelchair. It’s a common perception that wheelchair bounded people can’t do anything in their life. But Muniba Mazari is an example for them.


For those who don’t know about her, she is a motivational speaker, painter, UN goodwill ambassador, she also did modeling for few brands and also hosted a Ramzan transmission on national channel. She also running a food drive in Islamabad for the needy people with the help of few trans genders.



Muniba Mazari has been in news from last few days, as her ex-husband sued her.  According to her, she has been defaming him continuously publicly on many platforms and news channels. And in return he demanded millions for this defame.

People on social media reacted on this news as per their understanding. Many of the people came out in her support but few of them were against her.

After this news, she tweeted I have just learnt about the case from the media and I have not received any formal court notice / Summons as yet. However, I have instructed my lawyer Hasan Mann to look into the matter. Thank you and God bless! 🙂 


These are the few replies to her tweet

Muniba as iron lady;


This guy is seeing some drama, we guess;


Muniba’s reply to him;


People are calling him greedy;


What’s wrong in changing career and this is how Muniba responded;



At the end she concluded with I left him and I’m glad I did. He wanted to marry someone so bad! So I liberated myself by setting him free! 🙂


This is such a bad thing of our society that we can’t see women flourishing in their lives, getting fame. We as a society can’t digest this thing. When our women came out for work, men’s so called ghairat came in between their career. But the same woman came out to work if some incident happened in their family. Then no ghairat scene.

We as a society should appreciate their work as all the women are doing great in every field. More power to Muniba Mazari. Muniba’s best thing is that she never gave up.


Do share your comments on this.

Peshawar Zalmi Announced to Host Global Zalmi League Next Year

Pakistan Super league 2017 champions Peshawar Zalmi is going to host its own Global Zalmi League next year.

PSL franchise Peshawar Zalmi which held Zalmi World Cup before PSL 2 in United Arab Emirates and now this Global Zalmi League before PSL 3. The franchise which enjoys the global fan base is having 16 participant teams from 16 different countries.


The franchise, Peshawar Zalmi owned by Javed Afridi, also announced Global Zalmi team which is selected from last year’s Zalmi World Cup which was held in UAE. This team will consists of young players from across the globe who had participated in major event of Global Zalmi.

Abraash Khan from Canada Zalmi has been appointed as the captain of Global Zalmi team. The team comprises of highly skilled batsmen and top class all rounders, supported by spin bowlers.

  1. Abraash khan, Captain (Canada Zalmi)
  2. Junaid Siddiqui (Canada Zalmi)
  3. Faizan Amin (Melbourne Zalmi)
  4. Rayyan Pathan (Canada Zalmi)
  5. Rameez Ahmad (Melbourne Zalmi)
  6. Sagheer Afridi (Dubai Zalmi)
  7. Junaid Aziz (China Zalmi)
  8. Adnan Khan (China Zalmi)
  9. Mohsin Mattoo (Kashmir Zalmi)
  10. Sagheer Afridi (Dubai Zalmi)
  11. Usman Sahar (London zalmi)
  12. Yatin Arora, Wicket keeper (Canada Zalmi)
  13. Zeeshan Khan emerging (London Zalmi)
  14. Jhanzaib Khan emerging (USA Zalmi)
  15. Zeeshan Rehman emerging (London Zalmi)


Chairman Peshawar Zalmi Mr. Javed Afridi congratulated and appreciated Global Zalmi players dedication and becoming part of the squad. Top 5 players of Global Zalmi League 2018 will practice with Peshawar Zalmi team during PSL as part of GZ development program. Chairman also promised a biggest and better Global Zalmi League.

Brand Manager of  Global Zalmi Mr. Iftikhar Ud Din Khattak says Very balanced team with an excellent combination of young attacking batsmen and genuine quick fast bowing supported by leg spin option, bunch of super fit athletes from across the globe. team selection is based on their performance in last year zalmi world cup. emerging category has also been introduced and three players who will be part of playing XI.

Full schedule and other details about Zalmi Super League will be announced in January 2018.




TV Channels and Social Media suspended across Pakistan!

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has suspended Social Media websites Facebook, Twitter and PEMRA has blocked all News Channels acorss Pakistan due to the government’s crackdown on the Faizabad protesters in Islamabad since few days.

social media

According to the press release and sources:

The Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) strongly condemned the unilateral closure of news channels by the government. The All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) expressed concern over the sudden closure of television channels and their transmission.”


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also not accessible in Pakistan, while YouTube can only be accessed via the mobile application. Access has also been blocked to the live stream pages of major news channels in Pakistan.

As per the earlier notification, The PTA said :“Social Networking and video-sharing websites would remain blocked in the country until the law and order situation improved”.

However, the telecom watchdog added that there had been no instructions to block cell phone services so far.