One Year to PK-661 Plane Crash

Exactly one year back, PK-661 took off from the Chitral airport for its final destination at Islamabad. Renowned personality Junaid Jamshed with his wife were on-board to the same flight along with 45 other passengers. Plane crashed near Abbottabad on Havelian hills.

As the news hit the news channels and till it wasn’t confirmed that everyone lost their precious lives in the plane crash, it was witnessed that everyone was praying for them. The whole world was praying for them.


But unfortunately, none of them survived and what we had left was fire and ash behind. The whole world mourned to their death. Everyone was crying for Junaid Jamshed. Because he was a very kind hearted person. Either they know him personally or not, but there was a strong bond between him and people.

Junaid Jamshed was a song-writer, television personality, recording artist, occasional actor, fashion designer and a preacher. He was an important part of vital signs which gave us some amazing hits back in 90’s. Every of his song was heart touching but iconic Dil Dil Pakistan became his identity.

Later on, Junaid Jamshed left his music career and get himself involved fully in religious activities. According to him, Religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel helped him a lot in his change. He also hosted a Ramzan transmission with Waseem Badami and people loved him so much in that.

It’s been one year to his death and people are still remembering him for his good work and his behavior which was so appealing. People from every walk of life remembered him on his death anniversary.

3 days before his death, Junaid Jamshed tweeted from his account saying

Heaven on Earth Chitral.

With my friends in the Path of Allah . Snowpacked Tirchmir right behind us


Today 7th December, marks his first death anniversary and its also a trending topic for today.

Waseem Badami is remembering his partner on this vary day;


Program host Iqrar ul Hassan also remembering him;


Former cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq also remembering Junaid Jamshed;


People on social media are also using #JunaidJamshed on his death anniversary.



Junaid Jamshed will be remembered and alive in our hearts forever. May souls of all those who lost their lives RIP.