Muniba Mazari is Sued by her Ex-Husband and that’s How People Reacted

Muniba Mazari, the name of motivation and inspiration. She has been inspiring people around the globe with her real life story. She is a renowned personality. she is the one who followed her passion even being on the wheelchair. It’s a common perception that wheelchair bounded people can’t do anything in their life. But Muniba Mazari is an example for them.


For those who don’t know about her, she is a motivational speaker, painter, UN goodwill ambassador, she also did modeling for few brands and also hosted a Ramzan transmission on national channel. She also running a food drive in Islamabad for the needy people with the help of few trans genders.



Muniba Mazari has been in news from last few days, as her ex-husband sued her.  According to her, she has been defaming him continuously publicly on many platforms and news channels. And in return he demanded millions for this defame.

People on social media reacted on this news as per their understanding. Many of the people came out in her support but few of them were against her.

After this news, she tweeted I have just learnt about the case from the media and I have not received any formal court notice / Summons as yet. However, I have instructed my lawyer Hasan Mann to look into the matter. Thank you and God bless! 🙂 


These are the few replies to her tweet

Muniba as iron lady;


This guy is seeing some drama, we guess;


Muniba’s reply to him;


People are calling him greedy;


What’s wrong in changing career and this is how Muniba responded;



At the end she concluded with I left him and I’m glad I did. He wanted to marry someone so bad! So I liberated myself by setting him free! 🙂


This is such a bad thing of our society that we can’t see women flourishing in their lives, getting fame. We as a society can’t digest this thing. When our women came out for work, men’s so called ghairat came in between their career. But the same woman came out to work if some incident happened in their family. Then no ghairat scene.

We as a society should appreciate their work as all the women are doing great in every field. More power to Muniba Mazari. Muniba’s best thing is that she never gave up.


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