Education is the backbone of all Generations – Meritorious High School!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
― Nelson Mandela

Recently, the renowned school of Karachi , Meritorious High School held an orientation session for the O/A Levels at Arena Karachi, where parents, students and faculty of Meritorious High School – O/A Levels Karachi.

Moreover,It was a forum for students, parents, faculty and the top management to collaborate and discuss matters pertaining to A-Levels.

Additionally, The session touched upon faculty introduction, subject selection, campus facilities, clubs and societies, co-curricular activities and a panel discussion which led to a question and answer session.

Here is the complete list of Faculty, just have a look!
The Ceremony was adorned with the presence of our Faculty including Sir Raja Shafqat, Sir Sohail Aziz, Sir Qamar Hussain, Sir Haider Nawab, Sir Ahad Dada, Sir Asif Farooq, Sir Danish Tabassum, Ms Uzma Usman, Dr Amber Meher, Ms Anum Mufti, Sir Sir Shahbaz Tariq, Sir Salman Haq, Sir Raheel Naseer, Sir Tariq Ali Hasan, Sir Sufyan Meewawala and Sir Waris Soharwardi.

Here are few shots from the orientation session.

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