Rahat Fatah Ali Khan wants to celebrate 2018 as the year of Qawwali.

Famous Singer and nephew of the maestro Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan just announced his Qawali Tour 2018 where he will Perform in different countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Turkey, Oman, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, South Africa, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Bangladesh.

He announced that He wants to celebrate 2018 as the year of qawwali.

While talking to media press conference in Karachi, He said,

“I am basically a qawwal and the poetry of Sufi saints runs in my veins. Qawwali is at the heart of our family traditions, and my ancestors have worked hard to develop this genre of music and introduce it to the world.”

He shared few memories on Twitter:

Furthermore, He added, “Qawwali and I are inseparable. It runs in my blood. Whatever I am performing, qawwali is always at the heart of it. It gives me the unique edge in all the music that I do”.

Keep your fingers crossed for an amazing concert this year!

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